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As a brief introduction if you haven't met me already, my name is Justin Calhoun -- Chief Producer and Engineer. Oracle Productions partnered with MusicBox Studios is, in a nutshell, a fine arts network and production company. We are a recording & production house, engineering facility, artist development resource, a network of artists, musicians, writers, and composers. Our mission is simply to spread the gospel and give an avenue of expression for life's experiences, partnering with whoever wants to do the same. We seek to introduce the gospel to those who have not heard, call home those who have yet to return, and make known the invitation of true love and grace given to us by God through Jesus Christ. Our "avenues of expression" -- as we like to call them -- include music, acting, film and entertainment. Whether these avenues include rock, R&B, neo-soul, hip-hop, country, contemporary, alternative, and more...simply, our passion is that we want to make super epic productions that prove to be engaging, inspiring, life-transforming, and excellent.

Introduction & Biographies


Oracle Productions owned and operated by Justin Calhoun has now grown and is continuing to grow as an enterprise. In coalition with Music Box Studios, Antrax Ent., Ruff Diamond Ent., JAS Productions, and many more, OP offers Artist Development through various programs, studio time, mixing, instrumentals, song composition, project production, lessons, and much more! The aim is to expand into a worldwide enterprise in which the gospel music industry encounters a sound never heard before, and in which the world can’t resist as the love of Christ comes through our music and creativity.

“It is our hope that you enjoy what you hear and see, and that it moves you inside and out. God bless!”


“I never rush my music. I always let it come to me instead of going and searching for it. It just works out better that way…everytime. I can search, and I can create – I do. But a song finding me always turns out the best so I aim to be very careful and attentive to what my ear is hearing at all times. If God says, ‘write this,’ I write it. If he says, ‘make this,’ I make it. If I hear something that intrigues me, I explore it. Music is just what I do – and always will do. If that means days in the studio without sunlight, so be it.”

Justin Calhoun, Owner, CEO, & Chief Engineer of Oracle Productions. Justin is the head of the operation calling the shots of how to move forward with this ministry and enterprise. He is also the chief engineer, responsible for most of the music behind artists coming out of Oracle productions. This section is meant to be an introduction into the background of the backbone of Oracle Productions.
Since birth, Justin Calhoun was surrounded by music.  Growing up in a musical family, he always had a spot in his heart for music, but never really began to pursue it until around 12. Like many, he started off singing in his church choir and learning a little bit about the drums with his brother. Playing the drums was the first introduction to his passion for music – and making it. The sounds, the feeling, the process; He didn't just enjoy listening to it, he had to make it. At 13, he started the early phases of production and instrumental composition. His music wasn’t for a specific person or group per say – but rather just an exploration of his craft. Starting off with the basics, a small Casio keyboard, then to Fruityloops, then to the MPC, when the niche was found – his own sound and style, he broke free.

But that’s not all….at the age of 14 he bought his first guitar, a nice little ol acoustic Samik that he paid about fifty bucks for at a music trade store. When he first bought his guitar he knew very, very little about how to play, but he found out one of the pastors at his church could play. Consequently, he began taking lessons from him here and there. Justin picked it up very quickly and after two lessons he wrote his first song: "I Love Her". Here, he discovered a whole new way to express himself and share how he feels, the outlet he had been searching for. Around 16, he started to incorporate more instruments into his field as a musician. He continued work on his drumming skills, which he had not played in years, then picked up the bass and the piano. This in turn sparked a desire to utilize the sounds of REAL instruments – sounds one can never replace or duplicate.  After high school, with instruments now under his belt, the beginnings of studio recording, his own sound and style, and music composition, he saved up some money and headed to Los Angeles to study studio engineering at the Los Angeles Recording School. Now seated with a burning fire for music, he decided to continue studying his craft -- and is now pursuing a Bachelor’s of Music in Theory & Composition.  

At 22, he decided to pursue a long-time friend of six years, Katrina Holland. At 23, they were married.