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As a brief introduction if you haven't met me already, my name is Justin Calhoun -- Chief Producer and Engineer. Oracle Productions partnered with MusicBox Studios is, in a nutshell, a fine arts network and production company. We are a recording & production house, engineering facility, artist development resource, a network of artists, musicians, writers, and composers. Our mission is simply to spread the gospel and give an avenue of expression for life's experiences, partnering with whoever wants to do the same. We seek to introduce the gospel to those who have not heard, call home those who have yet to return, and make known the invitation of true love and grace given to us by God through Jesus Christ. Our "avenues of expression" -- as we like to call them -- include music, acting, film and entertainment. Whether these avenues include rock, R&B, neo-soul, hip-hop, country, contemporary, alternative, and more...simply, our passion is that we want to make super epic productions that prove to be engaging, inspiring, life-transforming, and excellent.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

About Oracle Productions

Oracle Productions is a gospel music production company founded and operated by Justin Calhoun. His dream started in 2006 and was finally established in 2007 in Portland, OR operating in partnership with MusicBox Studios, Ja'Kar Abel, and Antrax Entertainment. Oracle Productions is not only a music production company, but also a vendor for various services that are profitable and some essential for musicians, artists, engineers, and those who are just beginning in the musical arts. We offer music production/composition, studio/live engineering, recording, songwriting, artist development, musicianship (piano, drums, guitar, auxiliary keys, percussion, singing, and more) for fellow musicians, live performances, studio experience, and a large artist/musician network. Each have a unique and special purpose through which we function in our passion for the fine arts and partner with others to do the same. For more specific information on our services visit our "Services Offered" page or click here.

Our main purpose is Ministry -- to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to an international audience through musical expression in partnership with whoever is willing to do the same. And for the purposes of reaching as many people as we possibly can, our goal is to become one of the largest gospel production companies not just locally or nationally, but in a worldwide context -- as a contributor to the many facets of ministry. We believe that this is not just possible, but with the guidance of our Lord Jesus Christ, it is a reality.

MusicBox Studios is the facility we mainly work out of, though we operate with, through, and under Antrax Entertainment. MusicBox was created to provide a facility in which to operate Oracle Productions and various other companies. With this affiliation, we seek to provide a capable facility for local gospel artists and musicians to record and hone their musical gifts through studio and music industry ministry so that they can use their gifts in the greatest way possible to spread the awesome gospel of Jesus Christ.

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